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Note: Please see the Download Instructions for important information how to install the web client.


ZipReports is an operational reporting system built on Oracle Hyperion software. ZipReports will allow you to access the most frequently requested student administration data that is stored in PeopleSoft using several pre-built reports. This data is extracted nightly from the PeopleSoft system. ZipReports is also used by some offices to provide periodic scheduled reports. ZipReports is managed by the Business Intelligence team, a partnership between the Office of Institutional Research, Information Technology, and other offices.

Browser Requirements

You must be using the Internet Explorer browser on the Windows operating system to access ZipReports. Internet Explorer versions 9, 10, and 11 (using Enterprise Mode) are supported. You must use the standard 32-bit edition of Internet Explorer, not the 64-bit edition. ZipReports does NOT work with Google Chrome or Firefox, nor is it available on a Mac.

Note: IE 11 requires Enterprise mode be enabled in order for ZipReports to function. This requires an update to be pushed to your computer after IE 11 is installed. This update should be applied within an hour of installing IE 11 and restarting your computer.

Security Access / Training

Access to ZipReports can be obtained by completing the training course, which is offered by Software Training and Technological Services. Once the course is completed, your PeopleSoft access level will be reviewed and access granted accordingly. The training is available at:

Download Instructions

ZipReports uses a web client that must be installed in order to run reports. The ZipReports Web Client is installed in one of two ways:

  • Open a report in the system. The first time you open a report the web client will install.
  • Request the ZipReports Web Client be pushed to your computer by requesting it from the Software Request page:

When you are installing the web client, you will be prompted to install additional components. Please UNCHECK all of these unnecessary options, which will make the install much faster and prevent a known crash issue with Internet Explorer 9+

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