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Getting your gaming system online

Game systems are automatically detected by Cisco Clean Access and then placed in to the appropriate role. For more information please see this page

Troubleshooting Guide

Device Connectivity

Problem:When I plug in my game console's network cable, All of my devices lose network connectivity.

Solution:You may be triggering port security. This means that you've plugged too many devices into your network port. All user access ports have a maximum of one device (or 1 MAC address) allowed per port. If your network port shuts down, unplug all devices from the network. Wait 2 minutes. Plug in only one device. If the problem does not go away, you will need to contact the Zip Support Center to open a ticket to the networking team to manually enable the network port. Typically plugging third party networking devices (routers, switches, etc.) into the port will require you to contact the Zip Support Center.

My Games Will Not Connect

Problem:Not all of my games will connect online.

Solution:If the game is new, the ports may need reviewed for any that may not be open. Ports are carefully reviewed and any known malware ports will not be opened. If you were able to play the game previously, some troubleshooting may need to be done by the networking team. Please contact the Zip Support Center and be ready to provide your room number, MAC address of the console, any games in question, and port numbers associated with that game.

MTU Failure

Problem:Receiving the error message: XBOX / XBOX 360 MTU failed


  1. Go to the System area of the Xbox Dashboard and select Network Settings.
  2. Select Edit Settings.
  3. From Additional Settings, select Advanced Settings.
  4. At the bottom of this screen you'll see a heading called Alternate MAC Address.
  5. Delete the Alternate MAC. Clean Access is now capable of detecting your console automatically
  6. Do a Hard reset of the XBOX (Power the unit off, then power it on)
    1. If the xbox still fails at MTU, repeat the above steps; be sure the alternate MAC is not set.

My NAT type is Moderate

Problem: Receiving the error message: The NAT type is Moderate

Solution: The NAT type for the campus network will remain moderate and cannot be changed. This generally means you can have issues connecting to certain servers with different NAT types. More information on this topic can be found at this [Microsoft website]

Can I Use Wireless?

The three major gaming systems (XBOX 360, PS3, and Wii) currently do not support the appropriate authentication method for the normal UA wireless system. Because of this, all three systems need to use the wired connection found in each room. The city of Akron has a new wireless network named ConnectAkron which has no security and may work. However, ConnectAkron is typically used for outdoor use and may not be able to obtain a continuously solid signal needed for gaming.