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Notice.png Note:
University owned laptops should be configured using their pre-installed clients

Issues with wireless on University owned laptops should be sent to the ZipSupport Center (330/972-6888)

Configuring Tsunami on XP

This procedure requires Service Pack 2 to be installed (in most cases this is already taken care of).

  1. Navigate to Control Panel and select Network Connections
  2. Choose your wireless card by right clicking on it, and choosing properties.

  3. Choose Wireless Networks
  4. Click ADD.(if you DO NOT see Wireless Networks, please see the bottom of this page.)
    • SSID tsunami
    • Network Authentication Open
    • Data Encryption WEP
  5. Next, Select the Authentication tab
    • Change EAP type to Protected EAP (PEAP)
    • UNCHECK Authenticate as computer when computer info is available
    • UNCHECK Authenticate as guest when user or computer info is unavailable.
  6. Click Properties
    • Near the bottom, click configure (next to Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)
    • UNCHECK Automatically use my Windows logon...
  7. OK OK OK until the end. You will be prompted by this balloon notice.
  • Click on the baloon, you will be prompted for your UANET ID and PASSWORD. Leave the Domain Blank

Save credentials.JPG

Greencheck.png Setup Complete
You should now automatically connect to the university network.

If you DO NOT see the Wireless Network tab.

1. Go to the Start Menu
2. Go to Run
3. Type services.msc
4. Scroll to the bottom and find Wireless Zero Configuration
5. Right Click it and click Start
6. Try clicking Advanced Settings again under the wireless settings. It should be there.