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This page is intended for Univserity of Akron technical support staff. If you are a student or require assistance in setting up a wireless profile for campus, please see wireless.

Wireless Setup

First: Determine Wireless Card/Chipset

In determining the wireless card/chipset you can do several things. The most efficient way is to:

Hold WindowsKey+PauseBreak (System properties, this can be accessed via right clicking on My Computer and selecting Properties
Go to Hardware, click Device Manager.
Click the '+' sign next to Network adapters.

This will allow you to easily determine which wirlink titleeless card/chipset is installed.

Second: Obtain Wireless Driver/Utility

The wireless drivers and utilities are usually bundled together as one package. These are available from the manufacturer's website.

Third: Configure the Utility

The University of Akron uses the Cisco proprietary method of authentication known as LEAP (Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol). By default, Windows does not support LEAP, this is why it is necessary for the manufacturer to provide support for it in the utility. Make certain that the option to let the manufacturer's utility manage the wireless connection is checked. Select either "802.11x" or "Cisco Compatible" and under authentication select "LEAP". Enter in the user's UANETID as the username, leave the Domain field blank. The password should be typed in BY THE USER for security purposes and then click OK/Apply. The utility should take care of the rest and after the authentication process is done, an IP should be automatically assigned to that computer.

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