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[[Category: Wireless]]
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Notice.png Guest Wireless
If you are a guest of the university and do not have a UanetID then you will need to connect to the Guest Wireless system, uaguest
Content.png Switching to Rootown
The University of Akron is currently in the processing of moving all users over to a new wireless network named Rootown. The older wireless network,tsunami, is currently being phased out.

Wireless Setup

Wireless Access(XP) Wireless Access (Mac OSX) Wireless Access (Windows Mobile 6)
Wireless Access(Vista) Wireless Access (Apple iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) RooTown Access (General Settings for PDAs, etc.)
Wireless Access(Windows 7) Wireless Access (Linux) Wireless Access (Android)

Legacy Wireless Install

Most computers can configure WPA directly through their operating systems. This includes Windows XP and Vista, Mac OSX, and Linux. If you are unable to connect to the rootown network through your OS, there are utilities, generally provided by the wireless card manufacturer, that can be configured to work with rootown's WPA2 security:

For an Intel walk through click here
For an Atheros walk through click here
For a Broadcom walk through click here

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