Windows VPN Setup

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Notice.png FortiClient Setup
For more general information regarding FortiClient, and also how to download it, please visit the Forticlient VPN Setup

For detailed instructions on downloading and setting up FortiClient for Windows please click here.

  • Note: Forticlient is available with offical support for Windows 7 or higher.

If you only need information on setting up a new VPN connection in FortiClient, please see the image below:

Update FortiClient Information

If FortiCient VPN is already configured and you need to change it, click on the gear (or 3 dots depending on the version of FortiClient) that is located on the right hand side of the Remote Accesss login page to change the saved information. The location of the gear or 3 dots icon can be seen in the screenshots below:


Forti with dots circled.png