Windows VPN Setup

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Obtaining and installing the Cisco VPN Client

The VPN client can now be found in "My Akron Experience" under the Home use software downloads section of "My Akron Experience". The file may also be obtained from the ZipSupport Center. You will need a USB flash drive, or other portable media to which our support experts will copy the file.

To access the file directly please click here. You will need to have an active UANet ID and password to log in.

Using the Cisco VPN Client for Windows

To begin using the Cisco Systems VPN Client:
1. After the computer reboots, it places a 'UA VPN' icon on your Desktop
2. Click this icon to start the program

After launching the client, you will see this screen:

Client Startup

1. Click the Connect button.
2. Enter your UAnetID and password.
3. It will connect and show the VPN icon in your taskbar near the clock.

In order to disconnect:

VPN Disconnect

1. Right click the VPN icon in the taskbar.
2. Select Disconnect.