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Content.png Notice
Roo Town is only available in certain areas of campus, specifically, the student union, and Bierce Library

About RooTown

RooTown is mainly uses for handheld devices which do not support 802.1X authentication. It also is useful for Mac computers as the setup process is easier than it would be with tsunami. The network is based around WPA Enterprise which should give a 100% success rate with Apple iPhones, iPod Touches, and other similiar devices. iPhone and iPod Touch settings can be viewed from the main Wireless Setup page.

Connecting Mac OSX 10.5.X to Rootown

Go to the Apple icon in the upper left corner
Go to System Preferences
Find the Network icon
Click the Airport icon on the left
Choose Advanced
It should open to the Airport tab by default
Click the '+' sign to add a new network
Enter UAnetID and password for username and password
Select WPA2 Enterprise as Security
Enter 'rootown' as Network Name
Hit Ok and then Apply
The network should begin authentication, if it does not, try and turn Airport off and on
A message should appear asking to accept a certificate, select Show Certificate
Check the Box next to always allow
Click Ok
The network should fully connect now

NOTE: You should not need to do these steps every time, all the information should be saved and the network will connect automatically assuming you have not changed your password. If you have, a box may appear asking you to re-enter your ID and password to update the Keychain.