VPN Setup

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Content.png VPN Connection not required for Library Resources.
Notice.png Notice:
PeopleSoft Access is not permitted through the VPN unless you have been granted prior permission and clearance. If you feel you need such access, contact the Support Center to begin the request process
If you have any questions with using or installing the VPN clients.
Contact The Support Center @ 330.972.6888


A Virtual Private Network uses an existing Internet connection to establish a direct link to the campus network.
This is useful in obtaining network drives such as the H: drive.

Setup (FortiClient)

Download link for Forticlient: "https://www.forticlient.com/downloads".

The instructions for either operating systems can be found at: Forticlient VPN Setup.

If you are using a University of Akron owned computer, FortiClient should already be installed. If it is not, please bring your computer on campus and connect it to the network with a hard-wired connection.