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Antivirus programs

An antivirus program is mostly used as a preventative measure. Their main purpose is to stop your computer from getting infected. They are typically fairly good at removing infections as well, but will sometimes need a little bit of extra help for that, programs to help remove an infection are referred to as Malware removers and will be covered further down on this page. Many antivirus programs will offer basic features for free, but also have a more robust paid option


Microsoft Security Essentials (this comes pre-installed on Windows 8 & 8.1)
Avast Antivirus (also has a paid version)
AVG Free (also has a paid version)
Bitdefender (also has a paid version)



Malware scanners are used to remove an infection on your computer. Unlike an Antivirus program, they are not a preventative measure. Think of antivirus as an immune system, and malware scanners like antibiotics. You don't want to always be using it, but it's very helpful when you need to fight off an infection. Much like antivirus programs, many of these offer free versions with a more robust paid option.

Malwarebytes (also has paid version)
SuperAntiSpyware (also has paid version)
McAfee Stinger