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There are two types of University printers. The first are Lab Pay-for-print Pharos stations. Users swipe their Zipcards and the system deducts $0.07 per page. Kiosks, checkout laptops, and lab workstations print to these systems. UAprint is an application that will automatically connect a Windows 2000 or higher system to the printers. Color printers are available for public usage in the College of Business Administration (CBA) computer labs. They are located in the CBA building on the first floor.

The second type is a departmental printer. These are not pay-to-print and are usually located away from students, usually in faculty or staff offices.

Student Pay for Print / UAprint

You can install a program on your laptop or desktop that will allow you to print to any of the UA's Pharos Pay-Print stations. (Links work ON CAMPUS ONLY)

How to use UAprint

The UAprint program is can be used by users of Windows 2000 and HIGHER, OSX, and Linux The following directions are for the WINDOWS version of UAprint. OSX\Linux instrucions are found on the UAprint webpage.

  1. Download and run the install.exe program. When completed, click on START > PROGRAMS > UAPRINT > UAPRINT
  2. You must log in to the university network. The program only transmits login information to the print server, and does not store or transmit the login information to any other sources. Why do I have to provide my username and password?
  3. If you have already installed a university printer, click on the top choice, which indicates you have already installed a university printer. Your computer is now connected to the print server, and you can use your installed university printer.
    If you need to install a new printer, select the second choice which indicates you need to install a new printer.

A default printer is a printer that the computer will use if you do not specify what printer to print from. If you don’t want the newly installed printer to be the default printer, uncheck the ‘Make UA printer default…” Click on the printer you wish to install. When finished, Click on the EXIT button.

You must authenticate with the network when you log off or restart your computer. Click ‘I have already installed a ua printer’.

Pay for Print on OS X

You may wish to run the automatic install utility that can be found at and clicking on the OSX icon.

To set up a printer manually:

  1. Open Printer Setup Utility (located in /Applications/Utilities).
  2. Mac OS X 10.4.x users: Choose Add Printer from the Printers menu, then hold the Option key while clicking the "More Printers" button. Mac OS X 10.3.x users: Hold the Option key down while choosing Add Printer from the Printers menu.
  3. Choose Advanced from the first pop-up menu.
  4. Choose Windows Printer via SAMBA from the Device pop-up menu.
  5. In the Device Name field, type the name you would like to use for this printer in Mac OS X.
  6. In the Device URI field, use one of the following formats to link to the printer:


  • Replace uanetID with your uanetID
  • Replace password with your uanet password
  • Replace printername with any of these:
  1. PPHPLJ4000Lib01 (first floor Bierce)
  2. PPHPLJ4000Lib02 (second floor Bierce)
  3. PPHPLJ4000Lib03 (third floor Bierce)
  4. PPHPLJ4000SCILib01
  5. PPHPLJ4000SCILib02
  6. PPHPLJ4000SCILib03
  7. PPHPLJ4000STUN01
  8. Choose HP and the corresponding model in the "Printer Model" dropdown and click Add.

Departmental Printers

Instructions for adding a networked printer to a University computer can be found at Installing Network Printer.

The following is a more manual method of adding printers, these instructions should be reserved for those more advanced users

Departmental Printers require further steps to configure, however, can be installed rather easily. The first and most difficult step is to find out the name and what server the printer is located on.

In this example we will assume the printer we want to connect to is called HPDJ500STUN307 on server "adminmb1"

First Click on start and then Run (Vista users click start, and type the command into the white 'search' area on the start menu)

Type "\\adminmb1\" (no quotes) and hit enter

Assuming you are athenticated with the network, server resources will be displayed. We can see other shares and printers. Nearly all printers follow the naming convention of (Type of printer)(Model Number)(Building & Rm number) For example HPDJ500STUN307 would be a HP printer Design Jet 500, in Student Union rm 307.

Double click on the icon of the printer you want to install. You may get a warning dialog that your system is about to install drivers, and you should only do so if the printer is trusted.

After installing the printer, a printer status window will open, showing other printjobs from other users (if there are any in the queue). The printer is now installed. You can close the printer status window -it has no affect on the printer being installed in your system.