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University Printers

You can install a program on your laptop or desktop that will allow you to print to any of the UA's Pharos Pay-Print stations.

How to use UAprint

The UAprint program is only useable by Windows 95 and higher.

FIRST: Download and run the install.exe program. When completed, click on START > PROGRAMS > UAPRINT > UAPRINT After opening the program file, read and decide to either accept or decline the EULA and Agreement. To continue, you must accept the agreement. Declining the agreement will end the program.

SECOND: You must log in to the university network. The program only transmits login information to the print server, and does not store or transmit the login information to any other sources. | Why do I have to provide my username and password?

THIRD: If you have already installed a university printer, click on the top choice, which indicates you have already installed a university printer. Your computer is now connected to the print server, and you can use your installed university printer. If you need to install a new printer, select the second choice which indicates you need to install a new printer.

FOURTH: A default printer is a printer that the computer will use if you do not specify what printer to print from. If you don’t want the newly installed printer to be the default printer, uncheck the ‘Make UA printer default…” Click on the printer you wish to install. When finished, Click on the EXIT button.

You must authenticate with the network when you log off or restart your computer. Click ‘I have already installed a ua printer’.