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(List of Printer Queues for Lakewood uauniprint1)
(List of Printer Queues for Medina County University Center uauniprint1)
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* <b>Lakewood</b>: PPDell5210nLakewood
* <b>Lakewood</b>: PPDell5210nLakewood
=====List of Printer Queues  for Medina County University Center uauniprint1=====
====List of Printer Queues  for Medina County University Center uauniprint1====
* <b>Medina County University Center</b>: PPHPLJ4250nMCUC-Common
* <b>Medina County University Center</b>: PPHPLJ4250nMCUC-Common

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There are two types of University printers. The first are Lab Pay-for-print Pharos stations. Users swipe their Zipcards and the system deducts the cost per page. Kiosks, checkout laptops, and lab workstations print to these systems. Color printers are available for public usage in the College of Business Administration (CBA) computer labs and in Bierce Library. They are located in the CBA building and Bierce Library on the first floor. The second type is a departmental printer. These are not pay-to-print and are usually located away from students, usually in faculty or staff offices.

Printer Supplies

Users with laser printers covered by the Pay-To-Print program will find the toner order form here: https://www.uakron.edu/webforms/tonersupplies-order-form.dot

Zip Print Account

  • You must have your Zip card to print at Pharos station on campus.
  • Enrolled students will receive 75 free prints per semester. This will appear as money on your Zip card.
  • If you do not use the 75 free prints by the end of the semester, you will lose them. They do not accumulate.
  • Free prints may be utilized at any UA Pharos print station on campus.
  • After the 75 free prints, the student cost per print is $.05 a page for b/w and $.10 a page for color. You can add money to your card in the ZipCard office.

Student Pay for Print

Windows printing

  • The printer installation files for Bierce Library and the Law Building can be found at the following website: http://uauniprint1.uanet.edu/uniprint/packages.asp
  • You may need to temporarily disable your antivirus to run the setup.
  • For assistance installing the printers contact the Zip Support Center at 330-972-6888 or visit us at The Bierce Walk-In Center.

Mac Printing

The following are instructions on how to set up the various printers across campus with our pay to print system. These instructions should work on any version of Mac OSX starting with Leopard (10.6) and up to he most recent version, Mountain Lion (10.8)

1 Open your System preferences window and click on Print and Scan
Osx savin 2.png
3 Click on the + icon to add a new printer
Osx savin 3.png
4 Fill out the form as shown:

Address: uauniprint1
Protocol: Line Print Daemon - LPD
Queue: This is going to change for each printer. We have a list of queues below. The one in the picture is for setting up the Black and Whtie printer in Bierce
Name: Just name it something that will help you remember where the printer is
Location: just put the name of the building in here

Osx savin 4.png

IMPORTANT: After the document has been sent to the print queue, when you swipe your card it will not show your UANET ID. It will show the hostname of the machine. To find your hostname click Finder and it will be the name next to the house icon.

Content.png The print queues are in the process of being moved from print server labprtmb1 to uauniprint1. If you can't print and see that your queue is no longer listed under labprtmb1, please visit or contact the Support Center at 330-972-6888 to have your print queue updated on your machine.

List of Printer Queues for Main Campus uauniprint1

  • Bierce_B&W: PP-B&W-SavinMLP150dnLib01
  • Bierce_B&W_Duplex: PP-B&W-SavinMLP150dnLib01-Duplex
  • Bierce Color: PP-Color-CLP37dnLib04
  • Bierce_Color_Duplex PP-Color-CLP37dnLib04Duplex
  • Arts-Sci_103: PPRicohSP4310nCAS103B
  • Arts-Sci_409: PPRicohSP4310nCAS409GeographyLab
  • Arts-Sci_409 Color: PPSavinCLP37dnCAS409-color
  • Auburn Science Library: PPSavinSP8300dnSciLib02
  • Auburn Science Library: PP-B&W-SavinSP8300dnSciLib01
  • Auburn Science LibraryColor: PP-Color-SavinCLP37dnSciLib
  • CBA Lab: PPSavinCLP37dnCBA102P1BW
  • CBA Lab: PPSavinMLP150dnCBA102P2
  • CBA Lab: PPSavinMLP150dnCBA102P3
  • CBA Lab Color: PPSavinCLP37dnCBA102P1Color
  • CBA 115: PPSavinCLP37dnCBAStudyBW
  • CBA 115 Color: PPSavinCLP37dnCBAStudy-color
  • Chima 12 (Counseling students only): PPHPLJ4250nChima12
  • Honors Lab 196: PPRicohSP4310NHonorsLab
  • Infocision 4th Floor: PPSavinMLP37ICS4FSSWE01
  • KnightChem: PPSavinMLP37nKNCL314Chemistry
  • Kolbe: PPRicohSP4310nKO207
  • Law_01: PPHPLJ9040Law1
  • Law_02: PPHPLJ9040Law2
  • Law_03: PPSavinCLP37dnLaw3-B&W
  • Law_03 Color: PPSavinCLP37dnLaw3-Color
  • Law_04: PPHPLJ9050Law4
  • Olin 205: PPSavinMLP37nOlin205
  • Olin 277: PPRicohSP4310NSociology01
  • Polsky_M158: PPRicohSP4310nPolM158
  • Polsky_267: PPDell5210nPol267
  • Polsky_301B: PPRicohSP4310nPol301B
  • Polsky 3rd floor (outside ZipCard Office): PPSavinMLP150dnPol3rdFloorZip
  • Polsky 411 (Social Work Lab): PPSavinMLP37nPOL411C
  • Polsky 5th floor Taylor Institute: PPSavinCLP37dnCBATayBW
  • Polsky 5th floor Taylor Institute: PPSavinCLP37dnCBATay-Color
  • PEAC 205: PPDell5330dnPEAC205
  • Shrank Hall North (Adult Focus): PPSavinMLP37nAdultFocus
  • Shrank Hall South 113: PP-B&W-SavinCLP37dnSHS113
  • Shrank Hall South 113 Color: PP-Color-SavinCLP37dnSHS113
  • Shrank Hall South 210: PPRicohSP4310nSHS210
  • Shrank Hall South 213: PPRicohSP4310nSHS213
  • Simmons 301 STEM Lab: PPSavinCLP37dnSTEM-BW
  • Simmons 301 STEM Lab Color: PPSavinCLP37dnSTEM-Color
  • Student Union: PPSavinMLP150dnStun2ndFloor
  • Zook 328: PPHPLJ4250nZook328
  • Zook 335: PPHPLJ4250Zook335
  • Zook 435: PPSavinMLP37NZook435

List of Printer Queues for Wayne uauniprint1

  • Wayne Campus A 120: PPRicohSP4310nWayneCollA-120
  • Wayne Campus A 224: PPRicohSP4310nWayneColl-A224
  • Wayne Campus B 120: PPRicohSP4310nWayneCollB-120
  • Wayne Campus C 111: PPRicohSP4310nWayneCollC-111
  • Wayne Campus C 211: PPRicohSP4310nWayneCollC-211
  • Wayne Campus D 107: PPRicohSP4310nWayneColl-D-107
  • Wayne Campus Library: PPRicohSP4310nWayneCollLibB&W
  • Wayne Campus Library Color: PPSavinCLP37dnWCLib-Color
  • Wayne Campus SLB 204: PPRicohSP4310NWayneCollSLB204
  • Wayne Campus SLB Kiosk: PPRicohSP4310nWayneCollSLBKiosk
  • Wayne Campus Millersburg: PPRicohSP4310NWC-Millersburg
  • Wayne Campus Smucker LC: PPRicohSP4310nWCSmuckerLC

List of Printer Queues for Lakewood uauniprint1

  • Lakewood: PPDell5210nLakewood

List of Printer Queues for Medina County University Center uauniprint1

  • Medina County University Center: PPHPLJ4250nMCUC-Common

Print Management Initiative

In compliance with the Universities Collaboration and Innovation Study Commission, The University of Akron will streamline and consolidate the printing environment on campus. The University Cost per Copy Program will provide all equipment, supplies and service to departments and will be charged back at a single cost per copy.

Toner order-form can be found here: https://www.uakron.edu/webforms/tonersupplies-order-form.dot

More information about the Print Management Initiative can be found at : http://www.uakron.edu/printing/print-management.dot.

Networked Printers

To map a networked printer please choose an operating system.

Network Printer - Mac Setup Network Printer - Windows Setup