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FS 9.2 UPGRADE (8.53)
A PeopleTools upgrade to 8.53 from 8.51 as well as application upgrade to 9.2.
scheduled for Friday 11/21/2014 @3PM thru Monday 11/24/2014 with testing beginning approx. 6PM Sunday 11/23

LAST UPDATED: Sunday @ 1:45 AM CURRENT STATUS: UPGRADE ITSELF is essentially COMPLETE - entering misc/pre-testing activities for the next 2-3 hours; project, temp tables, clustering, etc.
PREV UPDATES: Sunday @ 6:10 AM CURRENT STATUS: removed a full backup - 3:30 hrs BEHIND SCHEDULE - starting PUM8! network folks left around 5:30 - to coordinate changes with us later today
PREV UPDATES: Sunday @ 3:45 AM CURRENT STATUS: 5:15 hrs BEHIND SCHEDULE - yes, our support team is still working on firewall issue but we picked up almost 2 hrs more!
PREV UPDATES: Sunday @ 1:46 AM CURRENT STATUS: 7 hrs BEHIND SCHEDULE - yes, our support team is still working on firewall issue but we picked up an hour on appl data conversion

PREV UPDATES: Saturday @ 11:59 PM CURRENT STATUS: 8 hrs BEHIND SCHEDULE - our support team is still working on firewall issue but we are successfully rerunning the application data conversion, even though we are using a development appserver pointed to production! Believe it or not we think we can make up enough of this time (yes - ONLY if no lingering firewall issues or upgrade new problems) TO FINISH SUNDAY. Stay tuned for Monday AM's update as we do LCCC's PSU at 7AM. On a humorous note (if you laugh at bizarre things), for those of you who know that we are swapping laptop memory across machines as part of our upgrade strategy, the network folks in here are swapping memory from old spare firewall devices to try to get our PeopleSoft firewalls operating! Like some comedians say, "I can't make up this stuff!"
PREV UPDATES: 11/22/2014 @ 4:40 PM CURRENT STATUS: whoops, SLIPPED BEHIND SCHEDULE - have our support team working on suspected firewall issue
PREV UPDATES: 11/22/2014 @ 1:40 PM CURRENT STATUS: ON SCHEDULE - 8.53 front-ends up - backup prior to data conversion running
PREV UPDATES: 11/22/2014 @ 10:50 AM CURRENT STATUS: ON SCHEDULE - 5-8-27 alters next on server - Dennis slid off road, he's OK, but no car now - be careful!
PREV UPDATES: 11/22/2014 @ 8:32 AM CURRENT STATUS: 1 HR BEHIND - running 5-8 scripts on server next - editing scripts for Gregg
PREV UPDATES: 11/22/2014 @ 6:51 AM CURRENT STATUS: CATCHING UP! Building the Alter Temporary Tables Script, <3 hrs behind
PREV UPDATES: 5:28AM CURRENT STATUS: RUNNING AGAIN - past problem we really believe - 5 hrs behind - in Ptools data conversion
PREV UPDATES: 5:00AM CURRENT STATUS: FLASHING BACK - 4:30 behind - in Ptools data conversion
PREV UPDATES: 2:40AM CURRENT STATUS: ISSUES appear to be resolved - 2:15 behind - in Ptools data conversion
PREV UPDATES: 11/21/2014 @10:30PM PREVIOUS STATUS: ON SCHEDULE (on 3-12-4 Running the Tablespace Alter Script) )

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DATE TASK Description Scheduled Start Time Actual Start Time Notes
Friday, 11/21 Lockout Users 3:00 PM 3:10 PM
Friday, 11/21 Chapter 2 finished 4:30 PM 5:00
Friday, 11/21 Begin Shutdown - complete backup 4:30 - 6PM 5:00 - 6:30PM
Friday 11/21 3-4-13 110 (START) Importing PeopleTools System Tables 8PM 8:30PM
Saturday 11/22 3-18-8 141 (START) Running PeopleTools Data Conversion 12:15 AM 2:28, then 5:28
Saturday 11/22 5-8-24 Re-Creating Optional Temporary Tables Compl 10:57 AM Compl 10:50 AM back on Schedule hopefully for a while!
Saturday 11/22 5-12 240 Backing Up Before Data Conversion PLUS CREATE RESTORE POINT 2:21 PM 1:30
Saturday 11/22 5-13 241 Running Data Conversion Compl 6:43 PM 1:40 AM Sun 7 hrs behind
Sunday 11/23 Start PUM8 2:50 AM 6:05 AM (6 hr event)
Sunday 11/23 Project Copies 10:54 AM Projected for 2PM
Sunday 11/23 LAST BACKUP before START TESTING 2:40 PM 1:00 Decided to do early
Sunday 11/23 Start testing 4:30 PM