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UAprint is an application that will automatically connect a Windows 2000 or higher system to the printers. Also, many Apple and Linux users can use a UAprint method located below. Color printers are available for public usage in the College of Business Administration (CBA) computer labs. They are located in the CBA building on the first floor. You can install a program on your laptop or desktop that will allow you to print to any of the UA's Pharos Pay-Print stations. The program is available for Windows 2000 and up, Apples, and Linux.

Note: 64 bit computers have a connection method available, however, you will need to stop by Bierce Walk-in Center to get it setup.

How To Use UAprint

The UAprint program can be used by users of Windows 2000 and HIGHER, Mac OSX, and Linux The following directions are for the WINDOWS version of UAprint. OSX\Linux instructions are found on the UAprint webpage.

  1. Download the program to your computer. The Desktop is desirable since the progam is easily accessible. UAPRINT is a stand-alone program and doesn't install anything on your computer.
  2. You must log in to the University network. The program only transmits login information to the print server, and does not store or transmit the login information to any other sources.
  3. Select the print station you want to print to. You will see prompts asking you to the Install the driver software. You will need to install the driver when asked for. When exited the program, all printer information is lost. You need to login and select a printer each time.