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(Change a Password)
(Change a Password)
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==Change a Password==
==Change a Password==
In order to change the password to a '''UAnet ID''' open the browser to https://auth.uakron.edu.<br>
In order to change the password for a '''UAnet ID''' open the browser to https://auth.uakron.edu.<br>

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UAnet ID is the username to the University of Akron computer systems. It is also the first part of your UA email address (the part before the @uakron.edu). The UAnet ID is used primarily as a username for many UA services including My Akron Experience, Webmail, and kiosks that are scattered across campus.

An UAnet ID example

FirstName: Zippy
LastName: AKRowdy
Student ID#: 1234567
UAnetID: za999
UA email: za999@zips.uakron.edu

If a password is forgotten, a new one can be obtained with a photo id in person at the Support Desk or on the phone at (330) 972-6888.

Change a Password

In order to change the password for a UAnet ID open the browser to https://auth.uakron.edu.

To issue a UAnet Password to a user via the phone the user must verify 3 of the following fields found in Peoplesoft

  1. Date of birth (Day and Month)
  2. Home Phone (may also check the number that the current call is displayed from)
  3. Emergency contact
  4. Middle Initial
  5. Maiden Name( must have history activated in Peoplesoft)
  7. Home address
  8. A current class being taken (for student)
  9. Current major of study (for students)

See Also

Guest Account

Prevent UAnetID Deactivation

Account Holders will need to Contact the ZipSupport center for information on how to retain their accounts.

ZipSupport Staff can view our [policy and procedure on this matter] (Only ZipSupport technicians can follow this link)