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Time and Attendance Reporting FAQ

About Time and Attendance Reporting

Who will have to log time?

All University of Akron employees will using the Workforce Software to log hours work

How will employees log their time?

General Topics

What is EmpCenter?

  • EmpCenter is a web browser based software program used to automate the processing and approval of hours worked and taken, and requests for and approval of planned absences. It also allows for online viewing of leave balances.

What is the benefit for us for using this technology?

The primary goals for implementing EmpCenter are:

  • Eliminate the manual time card process currently utilized by non-exempt employees
  • Uniformly apply attendance rules across the entire University
  • Elimination of custom modifications in our current software
  • Ability of administrators to manage absence requests and approvals
  • Ability to view leave balances online
  • Green/environmentally positive
  • Reduces storage of paper forms
  • Eliminates archaic manual processes and thereby saves both time and money
  • Creates audit trails
  • Standardizes practices and procedures

Exactly who is affected by the change and how?

  • EmpCenter will touch all non-exempt employees. Paper timecards will be eliminated and some type of electronic means will be used to capture time worked.
  • EmpCenter will affect all employees who are eligible for any type of leave. Electronic entry of planned absences and leave taken will be required.

Will I have to clock in and out?

  • This decision will be at the discretion of the Deans and VP’s. Consistency is preferred.

How soon will it start?

  • Implementation began on February 4, 2013, with a requirements gathering meeting with WorkForce, the company from which we are licensing the EmpCenter software. Configuration of the system and testing will be conducted in the coming months, with an anticipated go-live by the end of summer, 2013.

How will it be implemented?

  • There will be a phased approach to the implementation across both campuses and all locations.

My supervisor allows me to flex my hours each work day both for the number of hours worked for a particular day or for the start and end times; will I have the same flexibility with the new system?

  • Managers will continue to have the authority to allow you to flex your hours within the guidelines of University rules and wage laws.

Will I need to clock in and out for lunch breaks or when I travel for work related activities to other locations on or off campus?

  • To be decided based on system configuration and the decision made by your V.P. or Dean as to how time will be captured within your unit.

How will the supervisors and key managers be identified and verified?

  • We will work with departments to identify and verify that the appropriate manager has access to approve time worked and taken and planned absences.