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Make sure your browser works with SpringBoard

Content.png It is strongly suggested that you use FireFox or Chrome. IE8 will not work with many SpringBoard functions, but IE9 and IE10 should work fine.

Click here to make sure that your browser is compatible with SpringBoard!
Click here to check which browser you are using.

Office files downloading as .zip in Chrome

An alternative to these would to right click(Windows) or Control+Click(Mac) and choose "Save link as" from the "Content" page on SpringBoard


  1. Open up the folder that your file is in
  2. Press the ALT key on your keyboard (typically right next to the space bar)
  3. Click on "Tools" and then "Folder Options"
  4. Click on the "View" tab at the top of the new window
  5. In the scrollbox, uncheck "Hide Extensions for known filetypes" then click "Apply" and "OK"
  6. Right click on the file you need to open and choose rename
  7. Change the .zip file to:
    1. .docx for Word
    2. .pptx for PowerPoint
    3. .xlsx for Excel files


  1. Either press "Control" and click on the file or use the two finger click to bring up the option menu
  2. Choose "Get Info"
  3. Change the ".zip" par of the file name to:
    1. .doxc for Word
    2. .pptx for PowerPoint
    3. .xlsx for Excel

Instructor resources

Springboard! is a Learning Management System (LMS) developed by Desire2Learn and is used as the primary LMS by the University of Akron, replacing WebCT. In short, Springboard! allows instructors to create online classes or to supplement traditional classes with web-based content.

Greencheck.png Additional information and training for SpringBoard! can be found at
Instructional Services & Training Services.