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Note: You must be on campus, or connected to the UA's Vpn to access the Sharepoint Portal. It can be found at

Overview of SharePoint

Two products compose the SharePoint family – SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server. SharePoint Services is the basic component which provides for document management and collaboration. The SharePoint Portal Server provides additional functionality. The University of Akron has implemented both of these products.

This document outlines the process of sharing documents using SharePoint. SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office 2003. Although the Office 2003 version is not required, this version provides the most functionality and integration features. Office 2003 provides a Shared Workspace task pane which provides a set of tools to connect with SharePoint. This taskbar is explained in detail in this document.

The following documents may be placed on a SharePoint site in order to enable collaboration and sharing of the files:

  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint
  4. Microsoft Access

Create a Web Folder for Your SharePoint Site

Once your SharePoint site has been created for you by the SharePoint administrator, you should create a web folder for your site so that it may easily be accessed in any Micorosoft Office application.

Follow the procedures outlined below to create a web folder for your SharePoint site: 1. Click Start – My Computer. 2. Select My Network Places (located under “Other Places” on the left side of the screen) 3. Select Add a Network Place (located under the “Network Tasks” heading). 4. The Add Network Place Wizard appears. Click the Next button. 5. Click the option “Choose another network location”. Click the Next button. 6. Type the url for the SharePoint site in the Internet or network address box.

The url should start with https://sharepoint/

Click the Next button.

7. You will receive a security warning. Click the Yes button to continue. 8. You will be required to enter your UAnetID and password in order to access the site.

Click the OK button. 9. You will be prompted to enter a name for this network place. You may wish to leave the default name. Regardless of the name used, make sure to remember the name given to this site.

Click the Next button. 10. You will receive confirmation that the network place has been successfully created and that a shortcut will appear in My Network Places.

By default, the network place will open upon clicking the Finish button. If you do not wish to navigate to this location, uncheck the checkbox.

Click the Finish button. 11. The SharePoint site will be displayed in a Windows Explorer view.

Creating Libraries and Folders in Sharepoint

In SharePoint, libraries are used to store documents that you wish to collaborate on with others. There is a generic document library named Shared Documents which may be used for this purpose. However, it is recommended that you create your own libraries in order to provide a descriptive name for the category or subject of your documents which will be stored in the library. Within each library, you may also create folders to store documents in an organized manner. For example, you may create a document library for a specific project you are working on (i.e. Learning Commons Project) and then create a set of folders (i.e. Meeting Minutes, Proposals, University Examples) under the document library to store related documents.

The steps below outline the procedure to create a document library on a SharePoint site.

Create a Document Library

1. Open the SharePoint site using Internet Explorer and log in with your UANetID and password. The SharePoint site opens:

2. Select from the top link bar, Create. The top link bar:

3. The Create Page page is displayed. The Create Page page:

4. Under the Document Libraries section, click Document Library.

Select Document Library:

5. The New Document Library Page is displayed. Type a descriptive name for the library in the Name box.

Type a description for the document library in the Description box.

In the Create a version each time you edit a file in this document library? section, select Yes. This will enable you to maintain version control of the document.

The New Document Library page:

6. Click the button.

The new document library appears:

Create a Folder in a Document Library

1. Open the SharePoint site using Internet Explorer and log in with your UANetID and password. The SharePoint site opens:

2. On the left side of the screen, under the Documents heading, select the document library where you wish to create a folder.

In this particular example, we will place the folder under the Learning Commons Project document library. The Documents section:

3. Select New Folder. The Document Library page:

4. Enter a meaningful name for the folder in the Name box . Enter a folder name:

5. Click to complete the folder creation process.

Save the folder:

6. The Document Library returns with new folder displayed.

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