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===Create a Document Workspace Within Microsoft Office 2003===
===Create a Document Workspace Within Microsoft Office 2003===
====Accessing an Existing Document Workspace====
====Accessing an Existing Document Workspace====
===Shared Workspace Task Pane===

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Note: You must be on campus, or connected to the UA's Vpn to access the Sharepoint Portal. It can be found at http://sharepoint.uanet.edu

Overview of SharePoint

Two products compose the SharePoint family – SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server. SharePoint Services is the basic component which provides for document management and collaboration. The SharePoint Portal Server provides additional functionality. The University of Akron has implemented both of these products.

This document outlines the process of sharing documents using SharePoint. SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office 2003. Although the Office 2003 version is not required, this version provides the most functionality and integration features. Office 2003 provides a Shared Workspace task pane which provides a set of tools to connect with SharePoint. This taskbar is explained in detail in this document.

The following documents may be placed on a SharePoint site in order to enable collaboration and sharing of the files:

  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint
  4. Microsoft Access

Create a Web Folder for Your SharePoint Site

Creating Libraries and Folders in Sharepoint

Create a Document Library

Create a Folder in a Document Library

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Uploading an Existing Document

Saving a Word Document to a Sharepoint Libarry

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Document Workspace

Create a Document Workspace in Sharepoint

Create a Document Workspace Within Microsoft Office 2003

Accessing an Existing Document Workspace

Shared Workspace Task Pane