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PDA Button Layout

Main Buttons

  • Power Button: The small red button near the top of the screen is the power button. The PDA does not have an off mode; instead, it has a standby mode. Press the button firmly to put it in, or take it out of standby. To restart the PDA, hold the button firmly for 5 seconds. Restarting the PDA is useful if any major issues occur.
  • Barcode Button: There are three large yellow buttons on the PDA. While RooTracker is running, hold any of the buttons down to use the barcode reader. A beep is played when the barcode is read.
  • Volume Control: On the left side of the PDA there are two buttons for up and down volume control. In bright situations the screen can be difficult to see, setting the volume to the maximum setting will make hearing the scan results easier than looking at the scan results.

The Program

Starting RooTracker

RooTracker Windows.png
RooTracker Launch.png
RooTracker Splash.png
RooTracker CantConnect.png

Selecting Events

RooTracker ChooseSport.png
RooTracker ChooseEvent.png
RooTracker ChooseStation.png

RooTracker is able to support many different events, so over time the options to choose from may be different as other events are taking place. The first step is to select the category of events you are interested in (i.e. Football). The second step is to select the specific event in your category (i.e. which game). The last step is to select which gate you will be scanning from.


Idle Screen
Success Screen
Failed Scan Screen
Denied Screen

At this point you have reached the main screen. This is screen that will be used during scanning. While waiting for input, the background behind Zippy is blue. When an ID is scanned the result is displayed with text, color, and sound.

Scan Results

  • Accepted: Green background, “Accepted” text, accepted “ding” sound.
  • Not a Student: Red background, “Not a Student” text, buzz sound.
  • Duplicate: Red background,”Duplicate” text, buzz sound played twice.
  • Failed Scan: Orange background, “Failed Scan” text, an intermediate sound between a ding and a buzz is played. If this occurs, try rescanning the ZipCard.

Power Meter
The green bar under the event name and event category is a battery meter. It displays five different battery levels. At a low level of battery the bar will be much shorter and turn yellow, at this time 30% of the battery is left. At a very low level of battery the bar will be even shorter and turn red, at this time 10% of the battery is gone and you should look for a new battery or scanner.

Transactions Pending
Every scan is stored on the PDA and periodically sent to the server every 15 seconds. At any time, if the PDA is storing data that has not been sent to the server, a red “Transactions Pending” message is displayed. RooTracker will continue to try and sync with the server throughout the entire event, but if it is not able to and the transactions pending message is still displayed at the end of the event, take the PDA to a known wireless network area so it will be able to connect to the server.

Barcode Reader vs. MagStripe Reader
Both a barcode reader and magstripe reader are available on the PDA. Either can be used at any time, it is up to your preference. We have found that in the sun, the barcode can be difficult to aim. From our experience, we recommend using the magstripe reader.


Options Button
Statistics Screen

Property File

RooTracker mobile relies on a local file called the Property File (located under: ./Property/PropertyFile.txt). This file is used to hold various settings for the application.

Most properties should be all uppercase letters. The values associated to these properties may need to be case sensitive depending on the property.

When editing this file on the device, upon saving you will be asked if you would like to save this in a "Word format". You need to select "No" to this prompt.


This attribute is used to define the supergroup for which the device shall search for events.

If an invalid supergroup is specified, no events will be returned and the device may report "No Local Data" and will fail to launch.

Example Usage: "SUPERGROUP=Athletics"


There are two radius values that can be specified to scope the query for events to a range of days before or after the event's start date.

Example Usage:

"BACKWARDRADIUS=30" -> Will look for events that have a defined start date within the past 30 days.

"FORWARDRADIUS=7" -> Will look for events that have a defined start date within the next 7 days.


This value is normally auto-populated by the software. In some instances, the omission of this value may cause issues for the device in displaying the proper values.

Example Usage: "LASTSAVE=1/16/15 12:57:30PM"


  • If both radius values are used then the query for apply both logical elements. e.g. events that have a defined start date between 30 days ago and 7 days from now.
  • The values for the radius can be any numerical value.
  • Specifying a datetime in a format other than the one provided in the example may cause the application to act in an undesired fashion.


If you need assistance, please contact the ZipSupport Center at x6888 and they will direct the request to the RooTracker team.