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Initially built for the Culture Quest committee (a component of The Akron Experience), this interface will allow instructors to view their class attendance at Culture Quest events.

Accessing the Interface

To access this viewer, browse to:

You will be prompted for your UAnetID and password through our Single Sign-On System.

Once authenticated, you will be able to select a class (in the current term) to check event attendance.

Note: You will only see classes that you are noted as being the instructor of record. If you have no classes associated to you, you will only see a note: "No Courses Found".


As a student, can I see my attendance list?

At this time, a student interface is not available, however there are plans to implement one.

Can I see classes in previous terms?

At this time, no.

Can I see my class attendance for other RooTracker events (such as: Rethinking Race or China Week)

This functionality is planned for the near future.

I'm not seeing all of my students

Currently, the only students listed in this interface are those that meet the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate
  • Currently Enrolled in the class
  • Not taking the class as non-grade

Screen Shot

RT CQ.png