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RooTracker is used to track attendance at events around campus. A computer with RooTracker is accompanied with an input tool (barcode scanner, card swipe, manual entry, etc). A user will enter their student ID into RooTracker and it will be recorded appropriately. In some events, there is some logic applied to the input (restrict to single swipes, only permit students, etc).

This tool may be customized for your application.


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Enter Event Code
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Select Station
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Main Screen

Request an Event

To request an event, simply complete the form here:


To install RooTracker, go to the RooTracker Installation Website and click the install button. RooTracker will ONLY work on a Windows Operating System. A file called setup.exe will be downloaded. Once the download is complete, double click on the file to run the installer.

Note: RooTracker will ONLY work through a wired connection at the university, over the VPN, or on the rootown wireless network. RooTracker will NOT work on the UARH wireless network.

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Installation Website


Launching RooTracker
To launch RooTracker go to Start -> All Programs -> RooTracker. When RooTracker starts, you will be prompted to enter the event code which should be given to you before the event. Once you enter the correct event code, you will be prompted to select your location.

Selecting Station location
Select your location and click “select”. Once you select your location you will be ready to begin entering ID’s.

You are now ready to enter ID’s. The primary method for entry will be requiring the students to provide their ZipCard and swiping them through the card readers that are attached to the laptop. If the card fails to be read by the reader you can manually enter the student ID number using the laptop keyboard. Upon submitting a student’s ID you will receive a notice on the screen as well as an audible queue that the submission was successful or unsuccessful. In the event that a student has already been scanned into another location you hear a “buzzer” noise as well as a notification on the screen indicating the issue. All scans are queued and sent in 20 second intervals. When there are any scans that have not been sent, a pending transactions message will appear in the bottom left hand corner. If at the end of the event pending transactions is still being displayed contact technical support so we can make sure to get all your data.

RooTracker Mobile

If you're looking for a mobile version of this software, checkout : RooTracker Mobile. Note: this requires a RooTracker Mobile capable device.

Retrieving Event Data

Traditionally, event data was produced into a spreadsheet and posted to a sharepoint site.

We are currently testing a new self-service site at

Note: you will only be able to view events you've been granted access to view. If you need to request event access, please contact the RooTracker team

RooTracker Faculty Interface for Culture Quest

If you are a faculty member and you would like to see which of your students have attended a various Culture Quest event, check out: RooTracker Faculty Viewer


RooTracker is a project of the GroupWare Team of the University ITS - Application Services Division.

Additional inquires into the program can be sent to Matt Bungard