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To download and install RooQueue Notify, click on the link below.<br/>
To download and install RooQueue Notify, click on the link below.<br/>
[http://rooqueue.uakron.edu/installer/RooQueueNotify/version_2012_07_06/index.htm RooQueue Notify]
[http://rooqueue.uakron.edu/installer/RooQueueNotify/ RooQueue Notify]
== Setup ==
== Setup ==

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RooQueue Notify is designed to notify advisers of new entries in the RooQueue system. Advisers will no longer need to monitor on the website to be notified of student arrivals. Instead, when an entry is created or modified a notification will be sent to RooQueue Notify which will display the message on the user's desktop. When a new notification is received, it will appear in the bottom right part of your desktop and also play a sound. Notifications provide a link to the RooQueue website for easy access.


  • Installation Link

To download and install RooQueue Notify, click on the link below.
RooQueue Notify


  • Initial Login

When running the program for the first time, you will see the Login screen. Choose your implementation from the drop down list, enter your UANet ID and Password in the appropriate fields and press OK to login. There is an option to set the implementation as your default, which will automatically be loaded when re-running program.

RooQueue Notify - Login
  • Options

If no settings are found after logging in you will be shown the Options Window. Default settings will be in place that allow for all notifications to be received. If you change your settings you must click the OK button for them to be saved.

RooQueue Notify - Options - Receive Notifications via Keywords and Username

Keyword List:
First and foremost is the Keyword List which acts as a filter for incoming notifications. Words in the Keywords List will be checked against incoming notifications, and if there is a match you will receive a notification. If no keywords are in the list, notifications will be filtered by your Displayed Entries settings. See below for more information.

Notification Duration:
Sets the length of time, in seconds, that notifications will show for. A small timer in the top left corner lets you know how much time the notification has left. If you left click on the notification, the timer will stop and it will stay until you manually close it (X-button in the top right corner).

Queue Name:
For implementations that use different queues, you must choose which queue you are listening for. If your implementation does not use queues, All will be selected for you.

Displayed Information:
Select the fields you want to see in your notification.

Displayed Entries:
Select the type of entries you would like to receive notifications from.
Note: The combination of Entries for Me Only and Notification Entries is impossible. When one option is check, the other is disabled on purpose.

New Entries: Show notifications for new entries created through RooQueue or on the website.

Modified Entries: Show notifications for entries that have been modified from the website. Ex. Changing a status to Taken By Adviser.

Entries for Me Only: Show notifications for entries that have your name associated with them only.

Notification Entries: Show notifications for entries that are Unseen Checkins. Ex. Dropping off paperwork, progress reports, etc.

  • System Tray Icon

In the system tray, an icon is present while RooQueue Notify is running. Right clicking on this will show you a menu with the current implementation (and queue if applicable) at the very top. From here you can change the implementation you are using, reset options, mute the application, send feedback, and exit the application.

Run Time


RooQueue Notify runs in the background and only responds to new entries created in the website. While running there will be an icon in the system tray.


To exit RooQueue Notify, right click on the system tray icon and select "Exit".

Notification Slides

RooQueue Notify displays notification slides in different colors for different situations. The color code follows this structure:

  • Blue - System. Used to inform client of implementation changes and program status.

RooQueue Notify - System Message
  • Green - New Notification. Used when a notification was correctly receieved.

RooQueue Notify - New Notification
  • Orange - Error. Used when an error has occurred with the server.

RooQueue Notify - Server Error


When updates are published they are available for installation by restarting RooQueue Notify. When RooQueue Notify restarts, you will be prompted if you would like to install the update. Select OK and the update will be installed and RooQueue Notify will start.


Please contact Matt Bungard (mrb3@uakron.edu, phone - 6663) or Michael Gruesen (mgg12@zips.uakron.edu) for any support issues. Feature requests and comments are also welcome.