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RooQueue Lite is a check-in system that tracks student attendance to University related functions. Using a USB HID scanner, students are able to swipe their ZipCard to log their attendance. The client can set the Reason for Visit and the Visit Type which will be submitted with the student ID and name. RooQueue Lite will save the settings chosen for a given implementation and re-load them when an authorized user logs in. Also a Set Default Implementation check box is on the login screen to enable automatic login procedures.


  • Installation Link

To download and install RooQueue Lite, click on the link below.
RooQueue Lite


  • Initial Login

When running the program for the first time, you will see the Login screen. Choose your implementation from the drop down list, enter your UANet ID and Password in the appropriate fields and press OK to login. Also you have the option to set the implementation as your default, which will automatically be loaded when re-running program.

RooQueue Lite - Login
  • Options

If no settings for your Environment Username (computer username) are found, after logging in you will be show the option settings. Here you can set the Reason for Visit and Visit Type as well as the duration for notification windows. The Reason for Visit and Visit Type will be submitted with a successful scan. When you press OK the settings will be saved to your user account.

RooQueue Lite - Options
  • System Tray Icon

In the system tray, an icon is present while RooQueue Lite is running. Right clicking on this will show you a menu with the current implementation at the very top. From here you can change the implementation you are using, reset options, mute the application, send feedback, and exit the application.

Run Time

Starting Up
RooQueue Lite will attempt to find previously stored settings and use them. When the program is launched, if it finds a Default setting it will automatically load that setting and inform you. If no Default setting is found, you will still need to log in. If settings are found for the particular implementation selected, it will automatically load those settings and inform you. At any time you can change your Default Implementation by selected the check box on the login screen.


RooQueue Lite runs in the background and only responds to scans used by a HID Scanner. While running there will be an icon in the system tray. It will not work if no scanner is attached to the computer trying to run the program.


To exit RooQueue Lite, right click on the system tray icon and select "Exit".

Notification Slides

RooQueue Lite displays notification slides in different colors for different situations. The color code follows this structure:

  • Blue - System. Used to inform client of implementation changes, and when the scanner is ready.

RooQueue Lite - System Message
  • Green - Success. Used when a scan was correctly read and submission was successful.

RooQueue Lite - Successful Scan
  • Orange - Error. Used when an error has occurred with reading scans or when the scanner has been disconnected.

RooQueue Lite - Scanner Error
  • Red - Rejection. Used when the submitted entry was denied for the implementation being used.

RooQueue Lite - Rejected Scan


When updates are published they are available for installation by restarting RooQueue Lite. When it restarts, you will be prompted whether or not you would like to install the update. Select OK and the update will be installed and RooQueue Lite will re-launch.


Please contact Matt Bungard (, phone - 6663) or Mike Gruesen ( for any support issues. Feature requests and comments are also welcome.