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RooQueue is a check-in system used to track student office visitation. There are two parts to the system, a touchscreen terminal for the students to interact with and a website for the office staff to view student data. Normal use is for a student to come in, and either scan their zipcard or type in their student ID number on the touchscreen display. Once their ID is entered, the student is prompted with several options to choose from to describe why they are there. Once they hit submit, their ID along with the options they selected are sent to the RooQueue website. The website automatically refreshes, so new data should automatically appear within 15 seconds of submitting data.


RooQueue - Main Screen
RooQueue - ID Input
RooQueue - Option Selection


A URL to the installer will be given to each department. The URL leads to a website where there is an install button on the installation webpage which will download setup.exe. Run setup.exe to install RooQueue.

Installation Notes

  • RooQueue is installed per user, NOT per machine. Be sure to install RooQueue under the user that will running the application.

  • Be sure to turn off the screensaver so it does not turn on while RooQueue is idle. To turn off the screen saver go to Start -> Control Panel -> Display -> Screensaver and set the screen saver to none.

  • Be sure to set the computer to Always On mode so it does not go to sleep while RooQueue is idle. To set the computer to Always On mode, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Power Options -> Power Schemes and select the Always On power scheme, also set Turn off Monitor to never.

  • Copying the RooQueue shortcut from the start menu to the startup folder of the user will allow RooQueue to automatically start when the user logs in. The startup folder is located at Start -> All Programs -> Startup.


When updates are published, they are available for installation by restarting RooQueue. Upon restarting, you will be prompted if you would like to install the update. Choose OK and the update will be installed and RooQueue will be launched.


To request a RooQueue implementation, please fill out the templates found HERE. Examples of these slides can be found HERE.

RooQueue Notify

If you are seeking information regarding RooQueue Notify, you can go RooQueue_Notify here. RooQueue Notifies provides pop-up notifications for new checkins from the RooQueue system.


Please contact Matt Bungard (, phone - 6663) or Curtis Anderson ( for any support issues. Feature requests and comments are also welcome.