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A service is available to Staff and Faculty of the University that will allow the users to recover files that have been deleted (or in some cases modified).

Determining What backup files are available

The simplest method for checking which files/folders are available is by going to your H:\ drive and right-clicking on top of the folder where the files should be. In the menu that appears you should see an option for "properties", click this option. A window will appear with a number of tabs, one of these tabs should say "Previous Versions", select this tab.

You should now see a listing of the backups of your folders/files. They will be sorted from newest to oldest. You can double click each entry to view the contents of the backup. Likewise you can move these files from the backups to your current H: Drive by performing normal copy/paste functions.

What to do if the files you are looking for aren't there

These backups should contain nearly all of your files on your H:\ drive for the dates/times listed.

Note: These backups are run on a scheduled time-frame, so if the file (in the form you are seeking) wasn't available for the backup service at the given time interval, it will be unavailable for backup. Example: You create a document at 2pm and accidentally delete the file at 2:30pm. Most likely the backup service hasn't run (unless you see an entry with a time between 2 and 2:30 listed as a previous version). This file can't be restored, as it was never backed up.

If you require a backup from earlier, you will need to submit an issue to the ZipSupport Center to have your files recovered manually.