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  • SCSS (Student Computer Support Services) is a free computer repair organization that specializes in:
    • Wireless Configurations: We know that not everyone may know the technical specifications for the University's wireless network. You can bring your laptop or desktop to Bierce 52c or Lincoln 103 for assistance with that.
    • Virus Troubleshooting: Not sure if you have a virus? Has your internet access been cut off? Bring your machine to Lincoln 103 and let us fix your machine.
    • Data Backup: Sometimes computers are infected with viruses that have no easy cure, a sort of cancer for your computer. Fortionately we can fix any virus by formatting your machine. However a format causes you to lose all your data. In the slight chance that this is the only solution for your machine, we can backup your office documents and pictures. We do not backup music or movies.
    • Building a Computer: If someone wants to build a new computer, the SCSS technicians are more than happy to assist with recomendations for new equipment. They will even build your machine for you!n However, you will still have to pay for any and all computer parts.