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Connecting to your work computer can be easily accomplished by using tools built into any Windows computer (2000 or higher).

Note: Only one person can use a your computer at a time. If someone is using the PC and you remote desktop in from home, you will log off the person sitting at the desk. Likewise, if you log in at your desk, you will disconnect any person using remote desktop.

Setup on your work pc

You will first need to know your PC's DNS name. You can find it by right clicking on MY COMPUTER on your desktop (or by clicking on the start button, and right clicking on MY COMPUTER in the start menu)


Next, click on the COMPUTER NAME tab. Write down the computer name seen in the green box. (


Next, click on the REMOTE tab. Ensure that the checkbox for 'Enable Remote Desktop on this Computer' is checked. Click the OK button.


setup on your home pc

You will first need to connect to the Vpn.

After connecting, open the Remote Desktop Client by navigating the start menu as seen in the picture. (Accessories, Communications, Remote Desktop Connection)


Type in the computer name that you wrote down from before. ( Click on connect. You will be prompted for your username and password. If your machine is connected to the domain, these credentials will be your UAnetID and password.