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<td>[[image:popupblocker_ie7and8allow1_large.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Steps 3-5]]</td>
<td>[[image:popupblocker_firefoxdisable1_large.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Steps 3-5]]</td>
1. Open up Firefox  
1. Open up Firefox  

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What is a pop-up blocker?

A pop-up blocker is either an application, and application add-on, or a feature of an application which attempts to prevent unwanted windows from opening, particularly while using a web browser. Pop-ups can be distracting and annoying at the least, but may also contain offensive content, slow down a computer, or even be used to launch mal-ware such as spyware and viruses. Most popular browsers have their own pop-up blocking features, as do most internet security suites like Norton and McAfee. Another popular application with pop-up blocking is Google's Toolbar.

While most pop-ups are unwanted, pop-up blockers may occasionally prevent the user from intentionally opening windows or may decrease the functionality of legitimate sites that rely on pop-up windows. Most pop-up blockers allow a user to specify sites for which they do not wish to block pop-ups. At the University of Akron, Springboard uses pop-ups and must be allowed through blockers to function properly.

Allowing Specific Sites Through a Pop-up Blocker

Internet Explorer 7 and 8

Steps 2-4
Steps 5-6
1. Open up Internet Explorer

2. Click on Tools in the upper right area of the window

3. Select Pop-up Blocker in the dropdown menu

4. Click Pop-up Blocker Settings

5. In the textbox under "Exceptions," type the site you wish to exempt (ie. springboard.uakron.edu, uakron.edu).

6. Click the Add button, then the Close button.

Firefox: Completely Disable Pop-up Blocker

Steps 3-5

1. Open up Firefox

2. Click on Tools in the top menu area of the browser

3. Click on the Content tab in the Options window

4. Uncheck Block pop-up windows

5. Click OK