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(PS Request Access)
(PS Request Access)
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== PS Request Access ==
== PS Request Access ==
  <p>[http://www.uakron.edu/computer-operations/security/index.dot Request access ]</p>
  <p><b>[http://www.uakron.edu/computer-operations/security/index.dot Request access ]</b></p>
== PS V9 Quicklinks ==
== PS V9 Quicklinks ==

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Greencheck.png Full list of Training material
For a full list of PeopleSoft V9 material visit the ITS Training site at http://www.uakron.edu/training/fin91.dot

PS Request Access

Request access

PS V9 Quicklinks

Student Admin – Common Paths

HR - Common Paths

Links to both of the above documents are contained on the main V9 Support Page

Student Center quick guide

Student Account quick guide

Student Center Support page

Faculty Center quick guide

Faculty Center Support page

Printing in Peoplesoft v 9

  • Printing in Peoplesoft v 9 has been affected with the newest update, the following will re-enable printing.
    • In order to remove the printer setting, log into to PeopleSoft Student Administration/Human Resources (sahr.uakron.edu) and then go to: Set UP SACR
    • Set UP SACR => User Defaults and then click on the User Defaults 4 tab, the printer field should be blank, if not select everything in that text box and then hit delete button, once done, click on Save. Then resubmit the report -it should run successfully and should be viewable.
  • If the process ends in error the resolution below should fix it most of the time, but if a PDF file does not appear and the process ran to success that means that there is incorrect criteria in the report.

Peoplesoft print.jpg