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Changing your UAnet Password

Two main methods exist by which you can change your UAnet Password. You can use either or to change your password. If you forget what your password is, please call the ZipSupport Center at (330)972-6888


Navigate to You should see the following page:


Enter your UAnet ID and current password into the corresponding text boxes. Then, press the button labeled Login. You should now be viewing a page similar to this:


Next, click on the tab labeled Password. That should bring you to this page:


Click on the link that reads "Change the password of my UAnet ID." You should now be at the following page:


Enter in the information that is requested, click on submit, and you will have successfully changed your UAnet password


Navigate to in your web browser. Click on the link in the bottom-left corner of the screen titled "Change Password." Next, click on the link that reads "" Now, read the instructions for changing your password through to continue.