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Outlook 365 Web App

Faculty, staff & students can access their email by logging into https://portal.office.com. Log in with your UA email address and password. Information on how to use Outlook 365 can be found here

Problems Logging in

A common cause of not being able to log in is that your password expired. The University of Akron has a 180 day password reset policy. If you suspect your password may be expired, Log into http://auth.uakron.edu and login with your account as normal. You will be prompted to change your password. After changing your password, you should be able to log in to all services immediately.


A rule is an action taken on an incoming or outgoing mail message. With rules you can (1)Assign Categories to incoming or outgoing messages based on their contents (2) set a notification, such as a message box or sound, when a message arrives, move messages to a folder, based on the sender, delete messages in a conversation, flag messages from a specified sender, and delay delivery of messages by a specific amount of time.