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Configuring Outlook Express (Faculty, Staff and Student)

1. Open Outlook Express
2. Select tools and then accounts
3. Select the add tab and then click mail
4. Fill in whatever you want your Display name to be and select next.
5. Fill in your University of Akron email address in the form of Your_UANetID@uakron.edu and select next.
6. The next window will prompt you for server information, fill it out in the following order then select next:


7. The next window will prompt for your Account name and Password fill this out with your UANetID and Password.
8. Select Next, Finish and close on the box.

Configuring Windows Mail (Faculty, Staff and Student)

Note: Windows Mail has replaced Outlook Express on Windows Vista

  1. First, begin by opening windows mail. Click the start button, then click E-Mail
  2. Second, click on tools and then accounts
  3. Third, click on add
  4. Next click E-Mail
  5. Enter in your display name, for instance, your name.
  6. Next, enter in your email address. youruanetid@uakron.edu
  7. Next, pick
    <smtp server goes here(see below)>  
  1. Next, the install wizard will ask you for your ID and password. This will be your UAnetID and password... Do not include @uakron.edu
  2. Click Finish. Your UA folders will be displayed as seen in the image below.