Outlook 2011/2016

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==Outlook 2011/2016==
  1. If if is your first time opening Outlook, please go through the required setup screens until you get to the option to add an account. If you already have Outlook set up for another E-Mail address, then click on 'Outlook' in the top let corner of your screen, right next to the Apple icon. AFter that click on 'Preferences' and then 'Accounts'. Once you can add an account, choose 'Exchange or Office 365'. From there, just fill out the page as shown below, using your own information. When you get a window prompting you to let the server automatically configure your settings, click the checkbox and then click 'Allow'
  2. Outlook2016 menu.png
  3. Outlook2016 prefs.png
  4. Outlook2016 accounts.png
  5. Outlook2016 add account.png
  6. Outlook2016 allow server.png