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==Setting Up Exchange in Entourage ==
{{Yellowbox|Entourage is no longer in development, and it is strongly encouraged to try and switch to Outlook or another mail client for Exchange access on a Mac|}}
{{Yellowbox|Sending Email|If you are off campus you will need to connect to the [[VPN]] in order to send email using Entourage.<br />Alternatively you can configure Entourage to use your local ISP's smtp server|}}
'''1.'''  Start up Entourage, and click the Entourage menu in the top left hand side of your screen<br>
'''2.'''  Select Account settings, this will pop open a new window<br>
'''3.'''  From this menu select arrow next to New<br>
'''4.'''  From the drop down menu select Exchange<br>
'''5.'''  In this menu fill out the form with the following information:
*'''E-mail address:''' your_UANetID@uakron.edu<br>
*'''My account is on an Exchange server''' check this box<br>
*'''User ID:''' your_UANetID<br>
*'''Domain:''' uanet<br>
*'''Password:''' your_password<br>
'''6.'''  After this is completed click the right arrow located at the bottom of this window<br>
'''7.'''  This will bring you to a screen that says that the ''Automatic Configuration Failed''<br>
'''8.'''  Click on the arrow in the bottom right hand side of the window again<br>
'''9.'''  Fill out this form with the following information:<br>
*'''Your Name:''' your_UANetID
*'''E-Mail address:''' your_UANetID@uakron.edu
*'''Account ID:''' your_UANetID
*'''Password:''' your_password
*'''Save Password in Mac OS X Keychain''' this is optional, if you do not check this box it will prompt for your password each time you log in
*'''Domain:''' uanet
*'''Exchange Server:''' exchange.uanet.edu
*LDAP server:''' leave this field as it is
*Use SSL for these servers''' this box '''must''' be checked
'''10.''' Hit the arrow in the bottom right of the window again and select '''Verify My Settings''' after this has verified click on the right arrow again <br>
'''11.''' Name the account and select finish
''Note: If your Exchange account has been upgraded to the new Exchange 2007 system, your new mailbox settings may not have been updated automatically. You will want to ensure you are using 'exchange.uanet.edu' as the email server. ''
=== ''Troubleshooting:'' ===
#Select the word '''Entourage''' at the top left of the screen next to the apple
#From the dropdown list select '''Account Settings'''
#Select the Exchange account and click the '''edit''' button above
#In this window you should see an option that says ''Exchange server:'' in this field place '''exchange.uanet.edu'''
#Make sure that the ''Use SSL'' box is checked and select ok.
#Select the word '''Entourage''' again and select the option '''Quit Entourage'''
#Start Entourage again and it will state ''updating settings'' and will pull all of your new mail

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If if is your first time opening Outlook, go through the set up screens and then choose Add account

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Choose Exchange account from the accounts menu screen

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3 Enter the information as shown, replacing UENetID with your ID
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4 Click the allow button on the next screen (if this screen does not come up, don't worry about it)
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