Office Tracker

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Office Tracker

Office tracker is a scheduling program used by University College department of Academic Advising.

Requesting the Software

The software can be requested via the ZipSupport center in which the application will be pushing to the user's computer through SMS.

Additionally, the software can be downloaded from

Note: This application is only for Windows based computers

Installing the Software

Once the software has been pushed to the computer, the user will simply need to run the advertisement. The user will want to use the "Install Client" option when prompted using the "Typical Installation" method shortly following.

Once installed the users will be prompted to enter their username and password. This is not their UAnetID and password. This is an account that has been previously established for the user.

The user may also need to enter the server address (which is:

If a new account is necessary, they can contact Matt Bungard or Dean Shultz

Issues with this program should be directed to Matt Bungard