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The University provides Office 365 licenses to enrolled students, faculty, and staff. This page provides instructions on how to download, install, and setup Microsoft Office 365.

Free training on Office 365 applications can be found at the Office 365 Training Center.

Installing Office 365

Navigate to and use your full email address to login. ( for students and for faculty)

Installing O365 Step1.jpeg

If you have created a personal Microsoft account with your UA email, you may need to specify which account you wish to log in to.

In this case, select the Work or school account.
Installing O365 Step2.jpeg

Enter in your password and sign in

Installing O365 Step3.jpeg

Once you are signed into your dashboard, select Install Office and run the installer.

Installing O365 Step4.jpeg

Note: If nothing appears on your dashboard and you are a student or faculty member, please contact the Help Desk


For information about Microsoft OneDrive, please visit our OneDrive Page.

Office 365- Exchange/Outlook

This page, Setups has links on how to set up some of the more common e-mail clients, as well as Mozilla Thunderbird. As of now we have not updated the E-mail section of our wiki to reflect the migration as we want to wait until everything is done and ready to go so that we can provide the most thorough and accurate instructions.

For most e-mail clients just entering your FULL e-mail address (ie. and not just zippy), along with your password will allow your authentication.

NOTE: Thunderbird does not officially support the Exchange protocol, and is not actively maintained by the Mozilla Foundation. It is recommended that user choose either MS Outlook (is free for fac/staff through Office 365) and can be downloaded here, or Apple Mail if using a Mac.

Forwarding the Exchange Online Mailbox

Use this link to gain instructionson forwarding the online mailbox