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Office 365

Letter to Users

Letter to users who will be migrated:

Dear University of Akron Faculty/Staff:

Information Technology Services has begun the project to move our on premise Exchange email system to Exchange Online, a new “Cloud” based version of Microsoft’s Exchange email server.

Your email box is scheduled to migrate at 11:30pm this evening. In order to prepare for this migration, please ensure you close any running Email Clients. If you forget to close these applications you might receive the following message. You should re-launch your mail application to re-sync your Exchange Mailbox.

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Upon restarting Outlook you will be prompted for your password (see screen shot below). Your email address should already be present, enter your password and select the checkbox to “Remember my credentials”. Click the OK button.

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Outlook will open and you should see the message “Connected to Microsoft Exchange” in the bottom right corner of the Outlook window.

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If you use a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android Phone you will have to manually modify your Exchange server settings and there are guides to do this at the following
link [LINK]

If you experience any trouble with your mail after the migration has occurred you should contact the Zip Support Desk (330-972-6888) and a member of their staff will assist you with your email issue.


Known Issues

These are the know issues with the Exchange migration

Category Issue Date Status Notes
1.Exchange Online Issue When setting up Outlook with Exchange Online on Domain Join computer, Outlook request user sign in, SSO does not appear to work 2/8/2015 Complete Exchange Online uses Basic Authentication so our SSO / NTLM will not work so users will be required to enter their password to connect to Exchange Online. They can save this password.
2.Outlook Client Issue 3 reports of Exchange Mailbox Rules not working correctly. 2/17/2015 Investigating Chuck reported his Exchange Server Mailbox Rules for Footprints email not working. He had to recreate his rule in order for Rule automation to work
3.OWA Functionality T. Quick reported pasting URL in the OWA body did not work correctly 2/17/2015 Complete Could not quiet replicate the issue, did receive a message box asking if I would allow the OWA webpage access to the Clip Board. I accepted and it pasted. If I used the URL Hyperlink button and the insert buttons pasting worked as expected. Looks like IE 9 has issues with pasting in OWA, Check out for a work around.
4.Mobile Functionality Eric Kreider reported that Touchdown App for Android required a special configuration to get to work with Exchange Online 2/17/2015 Investigating Eric is going to recreate his configuration and document what was done to make it work
5.OWA Functionality R. Bird reports that OWA only works with Apple Safari 2/17/2015 Complete Not sure if this accurate. I have used OWA in Firefox and Chrome running on a Mac and have not had any issues. User's issue was due to password management/auto insert and not authorizing him to sign into Office 365/ADFS. Bob had Password Management software attempt to fill in Login ID and Password Information on the webpage. This will not work and you must redirect to on premise ADFS page.
6.Exchange Online Issue Users with Exchange Auto-Reply/Out of Office Message at time of migration might continue to see Out of Office after migration is complete but Message is turned off in Outlook and OWA 2/23/2015 Complete Mark French had an out of office message on during his migration and the potential fix was turn on and turn off the out of office message.
7.Mobile Functionality Users who have AirWatch managed devices cannot modify their IOS Exchange settings. 2/23/2015 Investigating Brian is going to figure out what we can do with AirWatch to aid in the migration of Exchange mailboxes.
8.Lync/Exchange Online Integration Users with Exchange Online mailboxes and On Premise Lync accounts continually receive a prompt for Exchange Credentials in Lync 2/7/2015 Investigating This functionality only allows Lync to pull Exchange Calendar information and Out of Office messages. Entering your credentials makes the prompt go away for a little while but does return. Will come back to this issue later.
9.Exchange Online Issue Users who have been migrated to Exchange Online and set an Out of Office Auto Reply for inside Organization & Outside Organization 3/5/2015 Investigating When a user sets their Out of Office Auto Reply for Inside Organization. The auto reply will only be sent to users who are in the Same Exchange Online organization. Anybody that has not been migrated yet will be considered outside the Organization and will receive the Outside Organization Auto Reply. Once all users have been migrated to Exchange Online this will be less of a problem.
10. OWA Functionality Users can go into their OWA options and turn on the "Clutter" feature. This feature will help you decided what Mail is really important to you and ensure that mail is in your inbox. The rest will be filtered out to a New Clutter Folder. Similar to the Junk Mail Feature 3/7/2015 Investigating Recommendation is to disable this feature in OWA. This can be done by logging into OWA and going ot the Gear -> Options -> Mail -> Clutter and turning the feature off.

Frequently Asked Questions

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