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Tiger Wireless

Click once on the aironet symbol along the top of the screen.
A menu will open. In the menu you will see tsunami
Click it. A new window will open. Change the encryption from WEP to LEAP
Next, enter your UANET ID and Password into the aproperate feilds.
If clicking tsunami does not open a new window, select the Other... and fill in the information manually.

Leopard Wireless

Go To Apple Menu
Click System Preferences
Select Network
Select The Airport
Click the advanced button
Go to the 802.1X tab
802.x pane.png Click the plus sign in the bottom left
Select add user profile
Name the profile tsunami
User Name will be your UAnetID
Password will be the password for your ID
Enter 'tsunami' into the wireless network field
Under Authenication, make sure only PEAP is selected
Select Ok
Hit the apply button
Go back to the advanced tab
This should be on the airport tab by default
Click the plus sign
Enter tsunami as the network name
Set security to 802.1X WEP
It should Auto-detect the rest of the settings but add them if needed
Click Add
Select Ok
A message about a Certficate should appear
If this does not appear, trying turning the Airport off and on
Click Show Certificate
Select the Checkbox that says Always Trust
Click Ok
This Should authenicate and connect to the wireless network

If These Steps Do NOT Work Please note these steps are only for use on the 10.5.X (Leopard) system. This should work on 10.5.2 but it is highly recommended you upgrade to the newest 10.5 release(10.5 and 10.5.1 probably will not work with these steps). Sometimes Apple has trouble picking up new Enterprise Wireless Network Settings. Be sure to clear the keychain of any old tsunami login information. Also, toggling the Airport on and off sometimes will force new settings to take action. If this does not work, restarting the computer after the settings are all in place is known to be effective. As a last resort, you can go back to the user profile and also check LEAP, save the profile, and restart. This should authenticate using LEAP as a backup option. If all these steps fail, your more than welcome to contact the Support Center at 330-972-6888 or visit us at Bierce Library Room 52C.

If you are still unable to connect to Tsunami, you can try to connect to RooTown