OSX Wireless Config

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Tiger Wireless

Click once on the aironet symbol along the top of the screen.
A menu will open. In the menu you will see tsunami
Click it. A new window will open. Change the encryption from WEP to LEAP
Next, enter your UANET ID and Password into the aproperate feilds.
If clicking tsunami does not open a new window, select the Other... and fill in the information manually.

Leopard Wireless

Choose: Apple > System Prefereces > Network
Select Airport on the on left-hand menu > click Advanced
Select 802.1X tab > in the Domain option, select User
Click on the plus (+) button in the lower left-hand corner, and enter tsunami
Under the security option select 802.1x WEP and then enter Uanetid and password (the 802.1x field should automatically say "tsunami"
Click Add
The profile should be added to the bottom of the list. Select this profile
Click the "802.1x" tab
There are 2 drop down tabs on the left: "Login Window Profiles" and "User Profiles". Make sure "airport" is checked under "Login Window Profiles" and "tsunami" is not checked under "User Profiles"
With "airport" selected, make sure the uanetid and password are entered in the fields on the right, the wireless network says "tsunami", and only "PEAP" is checked
Click "OK" then "Apply" on the Network screen
The uanetid will now Authenticate, this may take a minute
Turn airport off then on
Airport will connect and a certificate will pop up
Click "Show Certificate"
Click the arrow next to "Trust" and under "When using this certificate" select "Always Trust" then click "Continue"
Computer may prompt for Username and Password This is the user account password for the computer not the uanetid.
Computer will connect to tsunami