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(Lion Wireless/Mountain Lion Wireless)
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==Lion Wireless/Mountain Lion Wireless==
==Lion Wireless/Mountain Lion Wireless==
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Lion Wireless/Mountain Lion Wireless

Leopard/Snow Leopard Wireless

Use these instructions to connect your Leopard System (OSX 10.5) to the rootown network.

1 Open System Preferences and click on the Network Preference Pane
2 Click on the Airport Connection, turn the Wi-Fi off and click advanced
3 Click on the plus icon on the bottom of your networks list
4 Type in the information as follows

Network name: Rootown
Security: WPA2 Enterprise
Mode: Automatic.
Username:Your UAnet ID
Password: your UAnet password

Press the OK button on this screen, and the next screen.
6 When you get back to the main Network Preference Pane, click Apply turn then Wi-Fi back on.

Open System Preferences and click on the Network Preference Pane

Rootown leopard1.jpg
2 Click on the Airport Connection
Rootown leopard2.jpg
3 Click on Advanced
Rootown leopard3.jpg
4 In the Advanced menu click on 802.1X.
Rootown leopard4.jpg
5 Click the “+” sign at the lower left hand corner of the window. You will be asked what type of profile you wish to create. You want to select Add User Profile. For Username, enter your uanet id, Enter your uanet password in the password blank. Wireless Network should be rootown. Authentication should have PEAP enabled and nothing else checked then click ok.
Rootown leopard5.jpg
6 When you get back to the main Network Preference Pane, click Apply and exit System Preferences.
7 Open System Preferences again and go back to the Network Preference pane. Click on Airport again and go back to the advanced menu. In the Airport Tab , click the “+” sign.
Rootown leopard7.jpg
8 Enter the following information in the Rootown Profile setup. Network Name: rootown; Security is WPA2 Enterprise. For 802.1x select rootown if it is not selected, this will fill in your UserName and Password. You will update your password here in the future.
Rootown leopard8.jpg
9 Finally you will be prompted to accept the Wireless Certificate. Click on Show Certificate
Rootown leopard9.jpg
10 Now click the checkbox next to Always trust “wan-­radius-­ sec.uakron.edu” and click continue. Finally quit System Preferences.
Rootown leopard10.jpg
11 You can check your wireless by make sure the Wireless Indicator in the Finder Menu. It should look like this.
Rootown leopard11.jpg

If These Steps Do NOT Work
Please note these steps are only for use on the 10.5.X (Leopard) system and the 10.6.X (Snow Leopard) System. This should work on 10.5.2 but it is highly recommended you upgrade to the newest 10.5 release(10.5 and 10.5.1 probably will not work with these steps). Sometimes Apple has trouble picking up new Enterprise Wireless Network Settings. Be sure to clear the keychain of any old login information. Also, toggling the Airport on and off sometimes will force new settings to take action. If this does not work, restarting the computer after the settings are all in place is known to be effective. If all these steps fail, your more than welcome to contact the Support Center at 330-972-6888 or visit us at The MediaTech Services Desk in Bierce Library.

Tiger Wireless

Content.png It is unlikely that Tiger will connect to the UA networks, and if it does connect, it will most likely be intermittent

Use these instructions in order to connect to "rootown" on your Tiger (OSX 10.4) system.

1. Click the Airport Icon and choose Other.
2. Fill the form out as:

    Network Name: rootown
    Wireless Security: WPA2 Enterprise
    User Name: Your UAnetID
    Password: Your UAnetID Password
    802.1X Configuration: Automatic (this field may or may not be here)

3.You may be prompted to select a security certificate. Select "Always Trust" and Ok if you are prompted.

Change Your Password
1. Click the Apple Icon, go to System Preferences, and click the Network icon.
2. Ensure Airport is selected and click Configure.
3. Find the rootown network and click Edit.
4. Modify your password in the password field.