Nolij Troubleshooting

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Below is a collection of some common troubleshooting items that our teams have encountered.

Messages that will appear during Login / Role Switch

Nolij Causes my browser to freeze up

This is often a result of a Java issue on your computer. Follow the instructions to uninstall/reinstall Java.

Digital Signature has an error

If you see this window:

Nolij digital cert warning.PNG

You should check the box that states "Always trust content from this publisher" and then click Run.

Nolij web cannot communicate with Java applet

Java6 29 1.png

If you receive this message, usually more than one error message referring to Java applet. You will need to uninstall all Java updates and reinstall the most current version. See the Java Page for Assistance

Object doesn't support this property or method

Nolij java error.PNG

If you receive this message, there is a problem with Java on your computer.

To resolve this issue, follow the instructions to install/uninstall of Java.

Issues editing word documents within Nolij

Training Site

Many useful directions can be found on the Nolij Training Site

Internet Explorer

User running Windows7, will need to ensure they are using Internet Explorer 32bit for editing Word documents within Nolij. The 64bit version of IE will not launch Word upon clicking "Edit Document".

Internet Explorer Specific Issues

This is a highlight list beyond those other items already discussed on this page

Script running slow

Ie slow script error.png

This message might be a typical message within Nolij, while using Internet Explorer. You will want to click No , otherwise some feature of Nolij may not function properly.