Nolij Troubleshooting

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Below is a collection of some common troubleshooting items that our teams have encountered.

Nolij Troubleshooting

Nolij web cannot communicate with Java applet

Another Update to Java - Version 6_29 currently requires that all previous versions of Java be removed then re-install Java by downloading the above version.

Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination

If you receive this message, usually more than one error message referring to Java applet. You will need to uninstall all Java updates and reinstall the most current version.

1. Go to control panel - Computer for Windows 7 users - one symptom that you may notice is that you will not see a Java Icon here. Usually it is located between Internet Options and Keyboard.

2. Click on Start then Add remove programs (Windows XP), or Uninstall or change a program (Windows 7). Find Java in the list of installed programs and Uninstall all Java updates.

3. Go to and Download the current version - you should save the file first, it is an executable file and will require you to accept the installation. Note there may be other add ons or browser updates included, make sure you uncheck any additional installations. (This update includes an add-on, unchecking it will keep your current search engine.)

4. Once installation completes - restart your computer.

5. Checking control panel/Computer should show that the Java Icon now appears as an installed program. If the Java Icon does not appear you may still need to install Java again. This has usually caused by not uninstalling all current Java updates first. Make sure all older versions are un-installed before going back to Java.

6. Restart your Browser, Nolij should load without Java applet errors.

7. Contact the support center at 330-972-6888 if assistance is needed with updating Java.

Object doesn't support this property or method

Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination

If you receive this message, there is a problem with Java on your computer.

To resolve this issue, follow the instructions in the section above regarding the install/uninstall of Java.