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My Akron is a portal to just about every online resource you'll need while you're at The University of Akron! It links to things such:

  1. Student Center
    1. Register or drop classes.
    2. View and accept financial aid.
    3. Look up your GPA and class history
    4. Request Transcripts
    5. Apple for graduation
    6. Check your enrollment date
  2. Springboard!
    1. Access files your professors post online
    2. Participate in discussions with your class
    3. Take online quizzes
    4. Check your grades throughout the semester
  3. Email
    1. Access your UA Google Apps E-mail
    2. Use Google Docs through your UA account
    3. Access your Google Calendar (which you can sync your class schedule to)
    4. Save files online to access anywhere with your Google Drive account
    5. Make a website through Google Sites
  4. DARS
    1. Check what classes you've completed
    2. See how many credit hours you have left in your degree
    3. See what classes you'd need if you wanted to change majors
    4. Look up what classes you have left to graduate
  5. OrgSync
    1. This is a site for various groups within the organization to communicate
  6. UANet Services
    1. Reset your password
    2. Set up an e-mail alias
    3. View your ZipSpace usage
    4. Import your class schedule into your Google Apps calendar
  7. Parking
    1. Request a parking pass
  8. Apply For Housing
    1. Put in your application for dorm housing
  9. Change Your Meal Plan
    1. Make changes to your meal plan if you live in the dorms
  10. Request Transcripts
    1. Request either official or unofficial transcripts
  11. Enrollment Verification
    1. Get paperwork to prove you are currently enrolled at the UofA