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[[Category:Office 2007]]
[[Category:Office 2007]]
==Other Tasks==
==Other Tasks==
[Document Conversion] (Opening or saving as Wordperfect, MS Works, PDF, etc)
[[Document Conversion]] (Opening or saving as Wordperfect, MS Works, PDF, etc)

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Notice.png Office 2007 Training
For phone support, contact the ZipSupport Center, 330-972-6888, option 3

Microsoft Word Training Site
Quick Reference Guide
Microsoft Outlook Training Site Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel Training Site
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Microsoft Powerpoint Training Site
Quick Reference Guide

About Office 2007

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Microsoft Office 2007 (officially called 2007 Microsoft Office system) is the most recent Windows version of the Microsoft Office system, Microsoft's productivity suite. Office 2007 contains a number of new features, the most notable of which is the entirely new graphical user interface called the Fluent User Interface (initially referred to as the Ribbon UI), replacing the menus and toolbars that have been the cornerstone of Office since its inception with a tabbed toolbar, known as the Ribbon.

The 'Ribbon User Interface' is a task-orientated Graphical User Interface (GUI). It features a central menu button, widely known as the 'Office Button'.

Office 2007 at UA

Office 2007 will be adopted as the campus standard Office Suite. Information Services will deploy Office 2007, as a voluntary install, to all computers on the UANet domain on Monday, March 23 with the goal of it becoming mandatory by October 1, 2009. When Office 2007 is installed from the “Run Advertised Programs,” it will automatically uninstall Office 2003 and copy all documents and settings, including those located in Outlook, over to the new version. During this transition, Information Technology Services will provide 24x7 call in support for Office 2007 “how to” issues. The support will be provided by Office 2007 certified trained staff. Office 2003 will be still be available on special request; however, Microsoft is expiring support for this version and discontinuing bug and security fixes on April 14.


Office 2007 requires Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or higher, Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 or higher, or Windows Vista.

MS Office 2007, tutorials and PDF plug-in are now voluntary advertisements for all windows computers in SMS.

Nolij and Office2007

The current version of Nolij and Office2007 are not compatible. The new version of Nolij is not available until the summer 2009.

Other Tasks

Document Conversion (Opening or saving as Wordperfect, MS Works, PDF, etc)