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The University of Akron Information Technology Services is implementing Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Multi-factor authentication is a process where a user is prompted during the sign-in process for an additional form of identification, such as entering a code on their cellphone or providing a fingerprint scan.

Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication

If you only use a password to authenticate a user, it leaves an insecure vector for attack. If the password is weak or has been exposed elsewhere, is it really the user signing in with the username and password, or is it an attacker? When you require a second form of authentication, security is increased as this additional factor isn't something that's easy for an attacker to obtain or duplicate.

Microsoft MFA Enrollment Guide

For a guide on the Microsoft MFA enrollment process please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are my authentication options with Microsoft MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication works by requiring two or more of the following authentication methods:

  • Something you know, typically a password.
  • Something you have, such as a trusted device that is not easily duplicated, like a phone or

hardware key.

  • Something you are – biometrics such as a fingerprint or face scan.

MFA registered accounts are up to 99.9% less likely to be compromised.

What should I do if I get an authentication message and I am not trying to log in?

Deny the request and report the incident to:


What if I lose my mobile phone or it is stolen?

Contact the Help Desk at (330) 972-6888 immediately.