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If a faculty or staff member requires on-site assistance, the Footprints ticket must be assigned to a Micro Group Zone to receive a visit from a technician. Browse through the following list to find the building related to your issue. In Footprints, assign the proper micro group to the corresponding zone that the building is classified under.

Tech 1

Buchtel Hall BH

Tech 2

143 Union Street Building UNBL
Admissions Building ADM
Brown Street Residence Hall BSRH
Bulger Residence Hall BRH
Gallucci Residence Hall GALL
Garson Hall GARS
Grant Residence Center High-rise GRC
Honors Complex HC
Joey Residence Hall JOEY
Orr Residence Hall ORH
Parking Services PDN
Ritchie Residence Hall RRH
Robertson Dining Hall and Health Services RD
Simmons Hall SI
Sisler-McFawn Residence Hall SMRH
Spanton Residence Hall SRH
Student and Administrative Services Building SAS
Student Union STUD
Town Houses TOWN
Wallaby Residence Hall WALL
Wallaroo Residence Hall ROO

Tech 3

100 Lincoln Street Building LINC
Akron Polymer Training Center APTC
Auburn Science and Engineering Center ASEC
Ayer Hall AYER
Bierce Library LIB
College of Arts & Sciences Building CAS
Computer Center COMP
Crouse Hall CRH
Gladwin Hall MGH
Goodyear Polymer Center GDYR
Knight Chemical Laboratory KNCL
McDowell Law Center LAW
Olin Hall OLIN
Olson Research Center OLRC
Polymer Engineering Academic Center PEAC
West Hall WEST
Whitby Hall WHIT

Tech 4

Athletic Field House Complex AFLD
Athletic Service Building BF
Ballet Center BC
Carroll Hall CH
Center for Child Development CCD
E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall PAH
Hower House HOW
James A. Rhodes Health and Physical Education Building JAR
Kolbe Hall KO
Leigh Hall LH
Martin University Center PMUC
Memorial Hall MH
Ocasek Natatorium ONAT
Stitzlein Alumni Center AAC
Student Recreation and Wellness Center SREC
Zook Hall ZOOK

Tech 5

232 East Exchange Building PFST
32 South College Street Building SUP
464 Carroll Street Building CSBL
Bel-Aire Building BEL
Buckingham Building BCCE
Carroll Street Substation ESUB
College of Business Administration Building CBA
Express Building EB
Fir Hill Plaza 27 South Forge Street Building FHP
Forge Street Substation FSUB
Grounds Maintenance GMB
Physical Facilities Operations Center PFOC
Schrank Hall North SHN
Schrank Hall South SHS
The Polsky Building POL
Thermal Storage Tank TANK
Trecaso Building TRE

Tech 6

All APPLE hardware
Guzzetta Hall GH
Folk Hall FOLK
277 South Broadway Street Building BROD