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Email Accounts

This is for both Exchange and IMAP accounts
Creating a new account

  1. Open Mac Mail
  2. On the top left hand side of the screen select the "Mail" menu it should be in bold letters
  3. From the drop down menu select "Preferences"
  4. If it has not been selected already, select the (@) icon named "Accounts"
  5. At the bottom left hand side of this menu there should be a plus sign, click on it
  6. From the Account type on the first drop down menu select "IMAP"
  7. Under Account Description it should automatically change to "IMAP Account" if not rename it
  8. Change the Full Name Option to your full name
  9. Under Email Address type in your email address, in the format
  10. Click the Continue option
  11. For the Incoming Mail Server type in ""
  12. Under the User Name field type in your UANetID
  13. Under the Password field type in the password to your UANetID
  14. For the Outlook Web Access Server, type in ""
  15. Click the Continue option
  16. Make sure that the Authentication method is "Password"
  17. Click continue
  18. For the Outgoing Mail Server type in "" and select the "Use Authentication" box
  19. Type in your UANetID and Password
  20. Click the Continue option
  21. Make sure that the Authentication method selected in Password and click continue
  22. Click Continue one more time and select done

Editing an existing account

  • The Account must be setup as an IMAP Account and if it is not the directions to do so can be found above
  1. Open up Mac Mail
  2. Select The bold "mail" option at the top left hand side of the screen and click on the option that says preferences
  3. Select the (@) symbol and you are able to edit the account settings
  4. The account information should be as follows:

Description: IMAP Account
Email Address:
Full Name: Your Name
Incoming Mail Server:
User Name: your_UANetID
Password: your_Password

  • Select the "server settings" box

Outgoing Mail Server:
Server Port: 25
Authentication: Password
User Name: your_UANetID
Password: your_Password

  • When you click (x)it will prompt you to save your settings and click "save"