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Nolij Support

NolijWeb supports the use of Java7.

Reinstalling Java 7

In many cases, Java simply needs to be reinstalled:

  • Goto and click on the "Free Java Download" button. [1]
  • Click on the "Agree and Start Free Download" button
  • The Java installer will walk you the process of installing Java on your computer.

The University suggest NOT installing the toolbar

Java asktoolbar.jpg

  • After the Java installer is complete, you should be able to utilize Java on your computer.

You can test your Java installation by going to and clicking on "Verify Java Version"

Known Issues with Java7 and NolijWeb

"Do you want to run this Application?" - Prompt

If you see this message

  • Check the box for "Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above"
  • Click "Run"

This message should only appear once with the Name "fileSystemApplet" and once with the name "ScannerAppliet" (if you are scanning within NolijWeb)

Java run this application.png

"Block potentially unsafe components from being run?"

This prompt will be seen when loading a role within NolijWeb every time.

If you see this message:

  • Click "Don't Block"

Java block no block.PNG

Failure to click "Don't Block" may result in NolijWeb operating incorrectly.

Nolij Appears to hang when scanning

If Nolij appears to hang when scanning (like the image below), you will need to click the "Java" icon on the taskbar. You will then be prompted to "Block" or "Don't Block" the ScannerApplet.

Click "Don't Block"

Scanning java prompt.PNG